"As a new writer, I am always looking for something to inspire me. I love the natural world, I gain inspiration from the places I've visited, and I always write from a place that means so much to me. When something happens that deeply affects me, I write about it."

~ Helena

”I love writing short stories. It transports me to a different place, whether it be to another part of North America, a different country, or a fantasy land.”

~ Helena

Helena has always been a big dreamer. When she starts daydreaming she writes things down and looks back at it later. Sometimes a story comes about from it!

"Through the written page I get to experience worlds very similar to or vastly different from my own."
~ Helena 

Where is Helena from?

She grew up in northern Canada, by one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, Lake Superior. 

”I remember as a child my dad would bring me every weekend to the shores of frigid Lake Superior. I would splash and play until my lips turned blue and my fingers and toes tingled.”
~ Helena

Living in northern Canada has given Helena a unique perspective on life and her writings.

“Growing up with so much wilderness around me, I love setting my stories in unique,
interesting places.”
~ Helena.

She brings her homegrown, small Canadian town roots to her stories.

"Growing up in a small city, I wanted to know what

big city life was like so I packed it all up and moved to the giant

metropolis of Toronto. I lived there for awhile, but the wild

called me back. Moving back to Northern Canada, I

feel at home with its rugged, strong appeal.”

"I've always been an animal lover. Growing up we always had pet cats."


"I've always had a soft spot for kittens and loved watching their antics."


So, what does Helena write about today?

She often writes about places she's been to already, or where she wants to visit in the future.

Helena absolutely loves travelling and exploring far away lands. 

In her works she endeavours to encourage and inspire her readers to endure whatever circumstances may come their way. 

“I often create characters that face extreme challenges and then dwell on how they cope through it all.”

~ Helena 

In Helena's works, she sometimes writes about the loss of loved ones. Helena writes the emotions that surface due to loss.

“Writing about loss is a healing for me. It gives me an outlet to express how I’m feeling at that particular moment, and my hope is that my readers connect with what I am saying. When I miss someone, I get out my notebook and write a poem about them.”
~ Helena

She builds from her own struggles and creates strong, vibrant, but yet still human characters. 

“Through my writings, I hope to take my readers to a world completely different from their own, where they forget about their difficulties, even if it’s for the duration of one short story. If I have accomplished this, then I did what I meant to do.”
~ Helena 

Helena believes in supporting each other as we each navigate our own journey through life.

”Life is not easy for any of us. In my stories, I shed light on different struggles we face, so that we all know we are not the only one suffering from that particular issue.
There’s strength in numbers.”
~ Helena

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