Northern Ontario, Canada, where Helena grew up, is home to many beautiful wild birds and animals. Bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes, moose, lynx, bobcats, deer, and more, roam free.  Owls, hawks, geese, woodpeckers, ducks, hummingbirds, blue jays, and other birds make Northern Canada their home too, for at least part of the year.  Watch the slideshow above to see Northern Canadian animals.

Living amongst so much rugged beauty, Northern Canadians have a very special heritage. Experiencing 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall, they are used to extreme temperatures and have a lot of clothes in their closet to meet the demanding needs of each season! 

The beauty of fall.

Fall colours are spectacular, and Helena enjoys walking down forest trails during this time of the year.

”It’s a great time to hike, as it’s not too hot, and not too cold out. And the fall colours are stunning.”
~ Helena 

”We have true winter wonderlands in Northern Canada.”

~ Helena

Growing up, Helena loved going on sleigh rides every winter.

Fresh snowfalls are so serene in the forests as the blanket of snow shimmers in the bright sunlight .

Driving can be very difficult in the slippery conditions. But the scenes are picturesque, so going for a stroll is always wonderful after a fresh snowfall.

”I love figure skating. I always say winter is my least favourite season, but whenever it comes around I sure enjoy the outdoor activities.”
~ Helena

Spring is a lovely time of year. The snow melts and plants start to come alive. Tulips bloom early in the spring and are a favorite amongst gardeners.

“My favourite are the cherry blossoms. They  are such delicate, pretty flowers and they give off a really sweet fragrance.”

~ Helena

Summer is Helena's favourite season. She loves hiking and sitting out in the warm sun. Flowers are in full bloom and birds happily chirp away. 

”I love all flowers, but my favourites are sunflowers, dahlias, and begonias. I always have lots of them in my backyard in the summer.”

~ Helena

”I love swimming and watching summer sunsets over a lake. Seeing the tree line reflect in the water as the red, orange, and other colours drench the sky above is spectacular.”
~ Helena 

Canada is a diverse and fun country to live in. But living in the northern part, where Helena grew up, has it’s extremes. Winter can be around -30 degrees Celsius or even colder, while summer weather can reach +30 degrees Celsius or hotter. But the seasons, the wildlife, the nature reserves, national and provincial parks, and the unkempt forests and wildlands, all make Northern Canada a great, interesting, and never boring place to live. 


The maple leaf.

”Maple syrup is a Canadian thing. I have it every morning with my breakfast.”